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Warning before navigating away from an unsaved discussion post!

Warning before navigating away from an unsaved discussion post!

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I've lost so much work from accidentally moving to another page while working on my discussion posts! Canvas needs a pop up warning before navigating away from unposted work! Or it needs to auto save the post as a draft!


I'm so tired of rewriting :,(

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. You'll be happy to know that this is already a feature in Canvas—not only in discussion replies, but most anywhere the Rich Content Editor is available—as long as the institution has turned on the New Rich Content Editor. 

To illustrate, I just typed a few words into the Reply field under a discussion prompt, and then, without saving or posting, I clicked the back button to navigate to a different page. When I returned to the discussion and clicked Reply, this displayed:

autosaved content.png


The RCE autosaves drafts for up to one hour, as demonstrated in New Rich Content Editor Auto Save

If your drafts are not being saved, it most likely means that your school hasn't yet enabled the New Rich Content Editor for use in courses. It will be turned on by default for all institutions early next year.

Thanks! Stay well, stay safe, and keep learning. 🙂