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I suggest that Canvas watermark quiz questions with the Student ID or other identifying information so that if a picture of a quiz question (or screen shot) ends up on a website, discussion board, etc. that incidence can be traced back to the student for Academic Integrity processing. 

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This is a critical need -- we are spending time creating new assignments to find them on Chegg and other online sources right away.

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Agree this is critical - for Chegg and others. 

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Please make this a thing.


Water mark should have 2 fields

1) the first field we can add to, like a class name or instructor

2) the second field should be the students email or some unique identifier

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+1 to this. Over the last five or ten years sites like CourseHero have become the scourge of teaching and it's even worse with online where you can't collect the exam prompts. Watermarking would be a fantastic feature as it would let instructors deter unauthorized posts since students would know they could be tracked back to them.

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This would be great!

I agree that an institution/course/instructor entry as well as the student name/email/identifier would be ideal.

The most flexibility could allow the inclusion of an image with information on institution/course/instructor.

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Please add this ASAP.  We need help protecting our intellectual property.

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If not a watermark with the userID then have an overlay saying "exam content, do not duplicate or distribute" that covers the question or goes through the background without obscuring the view (like the watermarks on shutterstock photos.) Then we'll see if Chegg or Course Hero actually put their money where their mouths are and reject questions displaying the watermark. 

This is absolutely critical, and I don't know how online courses have been doing without it for so long. 

This entire year has been a clown fiesta of cheating and plagiarism. Lockdown browser does very little unless they're clumsy enough to let their phone drift into view while taking pictures of the questions. I dread what's going to happen when they hit face-to-face exams in their subsequent courses.

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We need help with this, too, because of the amount of content going out to Course Hero and others.

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