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Who changed that grade?

Who changed that grade?

Here are two scenarios: Scenario One: in a course with multiple graders, the first instructor changes a grade the second instructor has entered. Scenario Two: a malicious person has stolen an instructor's credentials and has changed his or her own grades in a class. In either case, how will the instructor or course coordinator discover these problems?

Enter a new or modified notification setting that allows an instructor to have an alert when a grade is changed by someone other than him- or herself. 

Community Champion

At this time, I think I'll remain neutral on this (not cast a vote).  Here are a couple thoughts I have about this idea in general though.

  • Since notification settings currently apply to all courses, my suspicion is that most teachers would immediately turn the notification off because of the volume of legitimate grading being done by other instructors or TAs in some courses.
  • This notification wouldn't really help scenario two if a student somehow got hold of the main instructor's credentials, since the instructor wouldn't be notified about his own changing of grades.
Community Contributor

Isn't this, in theory, what gradebook history should be doing, though without the notification. (I still voted up on your idea) I can't use gradebook history in my large class though, so it might not be an option.