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Please add the option to work in the cloud for Latin America since the canvas is used in this continent. The option that they add is to upload a job that is stored in the cloud as Microsoft's Onedrive and Google's Drive since the platform does not allow me to upload a word document, pdf, excel document, and PowerPoint document that are stored in the mentioned clouds. Of course, I am working on a laptop or laptop and there it does not work to work in the cloud. In the Microsoft cloud, it works a bit well but allows that you can work with a personal account. In the option of the Google cloud, no documents appear to be able to upload and if it is linked to a personal Google account.

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Instructure Alumni
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Thank you for sharing this idea, @MIR1 . Canvas is cloud-based, and students' work in Canvas is therefore saved directly to the cloud. However, the other applications you've mentioned are not owned or managed by Instructure. Please ask your school for more information about how students access O365 (the Microsoft applications referenced in the idea description). The school website provides contact links: Universidad Indoamérica | Grado - Posgrado - Educación Continua