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add notification option for chat messages

add notification option for chat messages


email or perhaps inbox ping in canvas when there are new messages in the canvas chat feature


It would be great if I could get a notification when students post in the chat.  Also, it would be nice if the chat box would allow threads, allow photo attachments and have a larger box so I can see my whole post at once.  Thanks!!

Community Team
Community Team
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As an instructor and also as a student taking a class on Humanizing Technology, I also would love to have some type of notification that a chat has been added because sometimes I do not see them until days later when I arbitrarily open up the Chat link. 

Maybe a popup number next to the chat link like the inbox has at least to know someone has added a chat.  Or perhaps a number to show how many others in the class are online.  Some of the activities I assign include student to student interation and this would help them contact each other on the Canvas page directly. Otherwise my Chat just sits there unattended and alone.