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allow instructors to "mark as submissions" student comments with attachments

allow instructors to "mark as submissions" student comments with attachments

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Some students are not finding the "submit" step, and are turning in their assignments as comment attachments, instead of true submissions.  While this is undesirable for many reasons, including module rules, it would be helpful for faculty to have the option to mark the attachment to a comment as a submission.

This idea would involve adding a button next to any comment attachment shown in the speedgrader comment list to "mark as submission."  When clicked the attachment should move into the normal submission window of speedgrader, and receive a submission timestamp that matches the comment day and time.  By keeping the timestamp from the comment this attachment-marked-as-a-submission will be able to comply with any late policy automatically, and the instructor will not have to ask students to jump through hoops by resubmitting in the correct way.

As a bonus it would be nice to have an automatic notification sent to students that an instructor has just marked their comment attachment as a submission with a direct link to a student guide for how to turn in that assignment type correctly next time.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open