download all assignment submissions for one student for one course


The ability to download all assignment submissions for one student for one course. 

This means we can create e-portfolios for students for a course and quality check. the work. Without this feature I don't think my organisation will continue to use the platform.

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Completely support your comments.

As part of my course verification and quality assurance, assessors ask to see a random selection of individual students’ entire course work and assignments. Is there a way as the tutor to export, print or download all of the work produced by an individual student. I am aware of E-portfolios but they are produced by students from cherry-picked work and are not produced by tutors? I also don’t want to have to export dozens of individual assignments and pick out individual student’s work only to then have to put all of the assignments together as a portfolio for an individual student or students. Any solution has to be capable of being completed by the course tutor.

I fully accept that we want Canvas to be all things to all people, but this functionality is present in LMS for lower grade schooling (e.g. Seesaw) and is fairly crucial for the courses I run.

Jack (Kent, England, UK)

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I would like a one-click button to download all submissions from a single student for an assignment.   Many of my assignments require submission of multiple files.   I don't want to click them one by one to download.  It appears to me that I am only able to download all submissions for ALL the students for an assignment, but when students occasionally (often) submit late, after I have already downloaded the other students' submissions.   For that late student I want a single click download option to get all of their files without having to download the submissions of the entire class. 

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Two different - but related - feature requests have been merged here

and I support them both:

A) download all submissions for one student FOR AN ENTIRE COURSE with a single click 

B) download all submissions for one student FOR ONE ASSIGNMENT with a single click 


A would be helpful for portfolio building or for grade disputes.

B is helpful for late submissions. 

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I had this very request come my way today. There are times when being able to select a student in a course and being able to download all of their submissions throughout the course at once would be beneficial. Students have a way to download everything they have ever submitted, so I see this as something that is possible.

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Looking for a feature that would allow a teacher to download a single students group of submissions that they have done in a course. Similar to a digital portfolio of some type. If this was possible, teachers could easily download them to reference to as needed per student instead of by assignment, as it is currently.

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@mclambch this is EXACTLY what I need Canvas to be able to do..... if students can do it for themselves (??), can that functionality be extended to teachers / instructors too please!?!

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When conducting a validation of assessment, it is a requirement, to down load all of a students submitted assignments, The validation of assessment is conducted bu a group of teachers and staff, that need assess work submitted.


On Canvas you can not download all work submitted by a single student, but download work submitted in that assessment task,  and then sort out each students work, may be easy if there is only 1 task, thou when you have 6-8 assessment tasks, its time consuming, not a quick and easy approach to Validation. 


I would like to have the option to download all work submitted by a student, that will contain assessments, review questions, and all comments submitted by a student and teacher. 

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It would be a very useful feature to have if we could download all student submissions for an entire course. Currently, it is possible to download all student submissions for individual assignments but not a whole course. This would be beneficial for auditing purposes.

I have also noticed that after a course concludes, it is impossible to print a student's quiz submission as a PDF and get the entire attempt. For some reason, when the course is still open, you can get the whole quiz but when the course is closed, you can't.

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It would be lovely to include an option for students/instructors to download all their submitted assignments / course materials in the submitted files folder into a convenient compressed zip file. Additionally it would be valuable if there were sub folders for each course created in said folder or another way to sort by image, word document, or other file extension. This could be nested into other categories such as file size or submission date.

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I would like this feature, as well. When completing a student's yearly evaluation that has 5 major objectives, it is helpful to see all of their assignments in one file. It is very labor intensive to go into each assignment and look at it separately to see if/where they met each of the five objectives. You need to look at them side-by-side to detect themes in their coursework.  

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When a student submits multiple times to an assignment, there should be an option to include their previous submissions as well.

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