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iOs 9 Split Screen ability in app

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iOs 9 Split Screen ability in app

I would love for students to be able to use the new split screen function in ios 9 with Canvas. Currently split screen only works with apps that are formatted to work with the new feature, and the ability to have Canvas open in one side (for content or directions) while working in Google Docs or Notability would be fantastic, especially for my students with executive functioning disorders where toggling between apps might be cumbersome.

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Learner II, adding this function to the app is a great idea! Thank you for sharing Smiley Happy

I would be curious about this function using mobile Safari and the new UI as well. Need to test it using our beta before we "push the switch" - this is a great feature our students and learning coaches to know about!

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Any chance this feature idea will be opened again? A brilliant idea that we really would love to see implemented.

We use Canvas alongside an ebook reader, because the ebook reader does not have an LTI Tool so students need to switch between these apps. If they could use the split screen feature this would improve our virtual learning environment immensely!


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Is there an estimated release date for this feature? I see that it's in development. Additionally, if Canvas if using Size Classes in Xcode, this should be a very quick addition as you already have a layout optimized for iPhone. Deactivated user


Hey 19658ro

This is still in development!  We don't have any additional update other than that, but follow this thread to get notifications of updates when they are available.

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Split-screen support is now available in Canvas Student 6.6 for iOS. Below is an example of it in action: 


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Navigator II Thank You for submitting this idea, as well as cgaudreau Thank You Thank You 19658ro Thank You Thank You for your contributions. Your investment in this idea helped refine a feature which is now part of Canvas!