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migrating from old quizzes to new quizzes - keeping audio in the transfer

migrating from old quizzes to new quizzes - keeping audio in the transfer


Classic quizzes will be going extinct in August 2021.  I am losing audio files in the migration from classic quizzes to new quizzes.  Canvas personnel confirmed they do not transfer.   Before the classic quiz format disappears, please find a way to preserve audio files in the migration.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for starting this discussion,  @joanne_pinder . You might also be interested in the conversation underway at 

Community Member

Yes - please solve this issue!  I have many classic quizzes with audio that I don't want to lose!

Community Member

We have many linguistics and language courses that have quizzes containing thousands of questions with audio in the stem and/or the choices.  All audio is stripped out in migrating to New Quizzes. 

And it does not appear possible to import Classic questions with audio into Item Banks in New Quizzes.  Nor does it appear that New Quizzes has an html editor option, nor the ability to export New Quizzes in qti or other formats so that we might be able fix these issues in an outside programming editor.  This is a major concern.  Is it being worked on?

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