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non recursive course list

non recursive course list

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Our root account has 82 Courses 25 Sub-Accounts.
When I look at the course list at the root level there are 3910 pages of results, 58,650 courses
I can not find the 82 courses at the root level in this list.

The course list search is recursive by default.
There should be an option to not recurse.
I'm suggesting a filter to show only the courses actually in a subaccount, not all the courses in all the other subaccounts within that account.

This filter should also be added to the API.
GET /api/v1/accounts/:account_id/courses should have a parameter added called something like "recurse". Make its default value True and give us an option to set it to False if required.

At the moment to find the 82 courses at the root level I need to ask 58,650 courses which subaccount they are in 🙂

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Status changed to: Open
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I agree. Providing a filter to "show courses that sit directly in this account" would be very useful. Especially when the structure includes many sub-accounts. It would also be incredibly useful to be able to filter for "show published courses only".