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option to exclude an assignment group from the gradebook

option to exclude an assignment group from the gradebook

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This idea is to create an assignment group option that always excludes all assignments within that group from the gradebook. This would turn the entire assignment group into a collection of practice activities.

The goal is for assignments in this group to neither appear in, nor be subject to the policies of, the gradebook.  This would allow any activity to be added to the group as a practice activity without creating distracting clutter in the gradebook, and without being impacted by the late/missing policy.

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Community Team
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This is exactly what I was asking my IT team about today.  I really need this to happen!

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We teachers here at this high school want this feature.  We are showing term 1 assignment groups with term 2.  It's so confusing and annoying.  We are on term 2 and prefer term 2 assignment groups showing on Term 2 section.  Please please fix it.