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per-user-reattempts for assignments

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per-user-reattempts for assignments

Your new "Assignment Allowed Attempts" feature is useful and aligns the behavior of assignments and quizzes in Canvas. Please consider adding the option of per-user-reattempts for assignments. This can be done through moderation for quizzes and is very handy in our standards based assessment environment. Our students can request a reattempt on assignments and quizzes after demonstrating that they are better prepared.

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I was reminded of another use case for this earlier this morning by another question in the Community. 

Let's say we allow a single submission and a student submits an assignment to the wrong location. Submissions cannot be deleted and we cannot (currently) change the number of submissions for just that student.

I provide this as someone else's use case. I rarely experience students submitting to the wrong assignment in my own courses -- less than once a year for the eight years I've been using Canvas.