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quiz full point button

quiz full point button

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I would like a button to click on if the student should receive full points on a question (as is done in the assignment rubrics). This would be substantially faster than typing in the scores for each question. 

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived


Thanks for sharing this idea. This functionality is available to users of New Quizzes. Please refer to the Grade Item section of  How do I grade an assessment in New Quizzes? :

To give a student full points for an answer, click the Checkmark button [2]. To give a student no points for an answer, click the X button [3]. You can also use the Arrow buttons to increase or decrease the score [4].

Our product teams are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Old (Classic) Quizzes, which is scheduled for deprecation, so we've archived this idea. The resources in the New Quizzes User Group will help you start using the new quiz tool in your courses. If you don't see the ability to enable the new quiz tool in the settings area of your course, please reach out to your local Canvas admin for guidance on its availability at your school.

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