"Copy to" should include Assignment Groups


I love "copy to", but it only gives "modules" as a destination option. Is there a reason why "assignment groups" aren't included?

The current path isn't terrible: an "imported assignments" group gets made and then I shift it over. I wonder if it would be difficult to add the "assignment group" as an option in addition to "modules"



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When copying an assignment, the assignment group should copy as well, instead of sending it to an 'imported' assignment group.

I have multiple (six) courses and when I copy assignments from one course to another, it automatically gets entered in an "Imported Assignments" group, which then doesn't sync to my district gradebook. I then have to go in to the Assignments page on each course and to ensure all my assignments are in the correct group.  

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Teachers should be able to copy an assignment that's under a particular assignment group (so weighted) to another class and maintain that weighting. Add another option so that we can copy it to a module as well as to an assignment group within another class.

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I would love to see a built-in option to choose which assignment group that copied content goes into in the next course.

As it happens, all our courses have the same 3 Assignment groups for weighted grades, Major, Minor, and Class Participation. 

When a teacher copies over a module or assignment from another course, it either puts it in Imported Assignments or creates a whole new copy of whatever group it was in previously, so then the teacher will have two Minor groups, for example. Then grade weighting gets all screwed up from the new group being added. 

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Teachers frequently import individual assignments using either the course import tool or the direct share "copy to" feature. It would be great if they didn't automatically fall into an assignment group called "Imported Assignments." Because assignments groups display when students look at their grades, any teacher that has recently imported an assignment will likely have that assignment group.

For the direct share feature, when you choose to place the assignment in a module, you should also have the choice to put it in an assignment group.

For the course import tool, it would be nice to be able to choose to retain the assignment groups from the course you are importing them from. 

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get rid of this! please. 


If I am copying a module or assignment over I do not want a new category created, I want it to go to the same category.

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The modules are for assignments for the students, but I use assignment groups for participation. As it stands I have to add each assignment to each of my classes instead of creating the group once and being able to import the whole group to each class. It's a bunch more work than necessary since modules can be copied over.

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As a teacher, this would be a huge time saver. When I import assignments I sometimes forget to change it from "Imported" to the correct category. 

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Please make this happen. I hate spending time doing this every semester for every class I teach. I teach beginning language classes so I give a LOT of small assignments, and it is so tedious to have to manually move every assignment back into the appropriate category. I would love them to just stay in the same category, but a batch edit feature that would allow me to select assignments and move them into the right category as a group instead of individually would also be extremely helpful.

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Every time I copy an assignment from my odd day to my even day courses, Canvas creates a new assignment group in my gradebook called "Imported Assigments". I then have to edit the assignment and delete the group from my assignments tab. 

I would love if assignments had the option to KEEP their current assignment group when they are copied. 

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The setting "Assignment Group"  I set for assignments I make in my sandbox is not maintained when I copy them to other courses. I have 6 courses that I maintain so I can be a pain to have to change the settings six different times for every assignment I make.  

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I would definitely love if the function of copying assignments groups to another course would be implemented.

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Every time I copy an assignment over from one course to the next, it copies it as an IMPORTED assignment. I do not want Canvas to make that decision for me. I do not even HAVE an imported assignments category. It really messes up grade books when it does that. Can Canvas PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make that an option on the screen when we are choosing "copy to". We get to choose the location and the module, why not allow us to choose the assignment category.

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Knowing a little bit about how hard it would be to design an interface that allows you to transfer something from one course to another while retaining consistent naming in Assignment Groups, I have a suggestion that might be easier to implement for Canvas. Just a thought! 

Make the "Imported Assignments" group unpublished. As in, students and parents cannot view anything in it and never see it as a category for grades. Then teachers will have to sort them into the correct Assignment Group as they are published. There is never a circumstance where students, parents, or instructors should see a category called Imported Assignments. And this would encourage teachers to put assignments in their proper category.

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Or just "keep assignment group."  Because, you know, I already set that in the original class.

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