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"Discussion Leader" role

"Discussion Leader" role

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I have interacted with a few faculty would like to have undergrad TAs have a role that would allow them to interact with all groups in a course but without having access to course materials, particularly exam materials.  When creating a role based off of Student, I cannot enable Groups - add/edit/delete, which is needed to be able to interact with all groups.  When I create a role based on TA, even if only the two group permissions are enabled, the user can still preview quizzes, use copy to/send to, and access instructor only tools, such as attendance. 

It would be helpful to have a custom role created that allowed the Groups - add/edit/delete feature to be added to the student role.  Knowing many instructors who use undergrad discussion leaders in brick and mortar classes, I think this would be highly useful in an online setting.

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