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"Go to Top" Button for all pages of Canvas

"Go to Top" Button for all pages of Canvas


My experience with Canvas has been mostly good, except for this one problem: I have trouble navigating several of the pages, due to the lack of the "Go to Top" button common on most websites. It would be great to have this function, as most of the pages in my Canvas are very long.

To those of you who vote in favor:

I'd appreciate it if you would pass the word on to others! 


Benaiah Torrijos

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for submitting this idea, benaiah Welcome to the Canvas Community! You might be interested in giving support to this related idea, , as well as this loosely-associated idea that's in Product Radar status: 

And, as I noted in the comments section of one of the ideas, there's a handy interim remedy: the Home button on a PC keyboard will take you back to the top of any Canvas page. On a Mac, the keyboard shortcut for Home is Fn+[left arrow].

Community Member

I voted in favor of both ideas. Thanks for the heads up. 

Benaiah Torrijos


In one of my classes, I have several items on my Modules Page and I am wondering if a Back to Top button can be created for ease of operation? 

A Back to Top arrow/button would make matters smoother.

I vote in favor of  

"Go to Top" Button for all pages of Canvas.

Community Member

Hey! Thanks for voting me up Wilbur Johnson! I appreciate it!