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"Hide Assignment/Course/Grading from To-Do List"

"Hide Assignment/Course/Grading from To-Do List"

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I'm a student taking classes on Canvas and a TA for a course with 160 students. This means my to-do is often filled with "grade" tasks (even though we have separate graders that are dedicated for this task).

If I try to "X" an item, it will reappear the next time a student makes a submission and will keep me from seeing my personal course assignments that I need to complete, which means I often don't see deadlines.

Could you create settings to enable/disable grade tasks (or specific assignments/courses) from appearing in the "to-do" field?

Community Team
Community Team
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I am listed as a teacher in a co-worker's course so I get all of his assignments popping up in my To Do List.  I have disabled all other notifications from his class, but I cannot remove the items in the To-Do List. Can you create a way to turn off To Do notifications for individual courses?

I agree with this! 

I have been added as a teacher to every team members' courses. Now their assignments have over taken my To Do list of graded assignments from my own courses. I would love the ability to hide their courses's assignments from my To Do list.

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Yes. This would be great. I co teach a class and often add to my colleagues class but would like to remove the to-do items associated with that class from my to-do list. It would be nice if we could customize the to do list to show or not show certain classes.


I'd like to disable the To-Do notifications entirely.  They're distracting.  I'll keep track of what I have to do, thank you.


I have also been added to my colleagues' classes and do not want their grading items on my to-do list, but would like to keep my own items needing grading on my to do list. I would like a way to shut off to do lists for some courses but not others.


I agree with all of these! Lots of teachers asking me how to hide things.