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"List View" in iOS App

"List View" in iOS App

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The "List View" on the Dashboard in the browser is by far the easiest way for students to see what work has been assigned in each class, what they've submitted, and what they need to turn in. 

By contrast, there is no List View option on the Dashboard in the iPadOS app -- the Dashboard instead has the card view on the left 1/3 of the screen and the right 2/3 is just empty. It would be EXTREMELY helpful to students using iPads if they could have an option for List View in the Dashboard in the iPadOS app.


I know that the ToDo list in the app is intended to function in a similar way, but it lacks several of the benefits of the List View on the Dashboard: 

  1. It doesn't give a holistic view of what work the student has done and what work is upcoming.
  2. It doesn't allow students to see previous assignments and easily check that they are submitted.
  3. It doesn't show what previous work is missing or late.
  4. It doesn't show the point value of upcoming assignments.

Compare the ToDo list from the app (below, top) and the List View from the Dashboard in the browser (below, bottom) and it's clear why the List View is far superior and very helpful to students. 


List View.jpg

Students working on iPads should have the same "big picture" view of their work as students laptops or desktops. Please add a List View option to the iPadOS app!


Community Team
Community Team
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Our students really rely on the List view to see a manageable checklist of tasks to be completed and to be able to directly select those tasks for completion and submitting. I can’t emphasize enough that this view is MUCH needed.