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The "List View" on the Dashboard in the browser is by far the easiest way for students to see what work has been assigned in each class, what they've submitted, and what they need to turn in. 

By contrast, there is no List View option on the Dashboard in the iPadOS app -- the Dashboard instead has the card view on the left 1/3 of the screen and the right 2/3 is just empty. It would be EXTREMELY helpful to students using iPads if they could have an option for List View in the Dashboard in the iPadOS app.


I know that the ToDo list in the app is intended to function in a similar way, but it lacks several of the benefits of the List View on the Dashboard: 

  1. It doesn't give a holistic view of what work the student has done and what work is upcoming.
  2. It doesn't allow students to see previous assignments and easily check that they are submitted.
  3. It doesn't show what previous work is missing or late.
  4. It doesn't show the point value of upcoming assignments.

Compare the ToDo list from the app (below, top) and the List View from the Dashboard in the browser (below, bottom) and it's clear why the List View is far superior and very helpful to students. 


List View.jpg

Students working on iPads should have the same "big picture" view of their work as students laptops or desktops. Please add a List View option to the iPadOS app!


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Our students really rely on the List view to see a manageable checklist of tasks to be completed and to be able to directly select those tasks for completion and submitting. I can’t emphasize enough that this view is MUCH needed.

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I absolutely agree about the List View.  It is the one view a working parent can rely on to really understand what's due, what's missing, what was late, etc.  in one, easy to read format.

It took me forever to realize that my son did not have this view on his IOS app.  I could not understand why I could easily identify missing assignments and he could not.  This is the reason!  It took 2 quarters of distance learning for me to figure that it wasn't in the IOS app.

I agree with the earlier poster that the To Do list is not a good substitute.  It really does not give you the tools to plan, and it's very easy for a student to click the checkbox on an item that they think they have completed.  It's not the same as seeing "Submitted" or "Missing" or "Late".  

Furthermore the List View has the easiest way to view Teacher Feedback.  

Right now I am teaching my 7th grader to use the web app because the List View is so important to making sure he stays on schedule.  I'm sure you have thousands of other students and parents who would benefit from this during distance learning.  


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I completely agree.  List View  is really the only view that gives you a comprehensive view of what work is completed, missing, graded, and upcoming.  On top of that, teacher feedback is presented in the bottom corner in a way that is easy to scan.

For months I could not figure out why my son struggled to stay on top of his work when I could pull everything up on one screen.  Now I know!  He just didn't have the right view.  

The earlier poster is right.  The To Do list does not give you a full picture.  Also it's very easy for someone to check off an item in error, and then it's gone.  

Right now I am teaching my son to use the browser version of Canvas to track assignment completion for this reason.  Distance learning will go so much better for these kids when they have this tool.


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This would be a game-changer for our students who access the Canvas app on 1:1 iPads. In middle school, having a broad view of missing/late assignments is crucial, and as said above, not capture effectively by the To-Do List. The app's capabilities should be commensurate with the browser version in this regard. Training middle schoolers to use the app for one task and the browser version for another is neither sustainable nor easy for most middle schoolers. Thank you for your consideration.

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This would be so helpful to my high school students!  We are a one-to-one school and it would vastly improve the student experience to be able to stay in the app to get this super helpful view. Directing the students to the browser feels like it sends the message the app is not adequate.  Both should have access to such a helpful feature.  Thanks for considering this change.

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Thanks for bringing this suggestion up.  As a learning coach, working one-on-one with students, I am always 'Acting as a User' to view students submissions and upcoming work.  I teach students to not only see what is due on that day, but also to look ahead. This feature on the web browser version is something I show students constantly and screen share, so they can see what I see. This would be a useful feature for students with EF challenges and for those to simply scroll back to view successful submissions/missing work!  In addition to the view of work submission status, students can easily see teacher's comments, which seem to get lost on the app, due date times and point valuesIt would be great to have this on the app!

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 9.58.20 AM.png


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The list view would be incredibly beneficial to my students, especially freshmen. Students need to the access to any tool that allows them to prioritize work and create better systems of time management and the list view on the iPad for my 1:1 students would be extremely helpful.

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