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"Submit & Publish" Button

"Submit & Publish" Button

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We would like to see a 'Submit and Publish' button in two places:  a)  In the dialog box where you add an assignment via the calendar and b) at the bottom of the full Assignment creation page.  As it is, the quick-entry screen used to enter an assignment in the calendar is a bit of a booby trap since a teacher may believe an assignment has been published at that point.  The other place where this button would be helpful is at the bottom of an assignments page.  This button would be in addition to a Save button.


Originally posted by Kevin Eaton

Community Coach
Community Coach

Looks like at least part of this request will be coming very soon.  The beta release notes were just published, and a "Save & Publish" button is coming to many areas of Canvas.  Canvas Beta Release Notes (2015-05-04)

Community Coach
Community Coach

Yay! I was pretty impressed with all the areas it's coming to!

Community Team
Community Team

I just checked in my test instance in prod and confirmed that you can now set an assignment to publish both from the full assignment creation screen and when creating a new assignment via the calendar: 2015-05-17_2158 - Scott.Dennis's library

Base on that, I am moving this idea to the done category.

Community Participant
Status changed to: Completed