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remove and delete

remove and delete

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Both options need to be available within a module.  If I no longer want something in a module I can only remove it, so it still stays in pages, assignments, etc.  Just more junk to weed through when looking for something or a million more clicks to go into the category and delete there.

Canvas needs to be more user friendly with LESS CLICKS!

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Community Team
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Totally agree. 

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Canvas should absolutely allow users to delete individual contents (pages, assignments, etc.) from the modules view, as well as delete all the contents of a module in one step.  Without these options, we have multiple time-consuming steps to accomplish these important (and never-ending) tasks.  Please make this option available!!!  This will save users so much time.

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Yes, please!! Especially important when we are having to do it for multiple sections, as so many of us are. 

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When removing content such as a page or assignment from the module, often this leaves extraneous content in other places within the course. End users are frequently not familiar enough with Canvas to realize that removing from the module does not delete this item entirely. As an instructional designer, I realize the value in being able to retrieve or replace removed content into the modules. However, I also experience reviewing courses that have a ton of past-related or unused items in the pages list and other places that are not being actively used in the Modules.

I recommend when the notice that confirms "Are you sure you want to remove this item from the module?" that this provide not only this option but also an additional option to remove from the entire course. So the new item would state something like:

You are about to remove this item from this module location. Doing so only removes from this list. To retain this item in the course, click "Module Only" below. 

If you are removing an item that is no longer needed for any future purpose, you have the option to "Remove Entirely," which will delete this component from the full course permanently.

Buttons: "Module Only" or "Remove Entirely"

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