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rubric grade auto posted to student final grade in speed grader

rubric grade auto posted to student final grade in speed grader

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Please reduce the amount of CLICKS throughout the desktop version of Canvas- let's start with the Rubric grading. If I go through and grade a student's work using the rubric, which provides a total score/point value to the assignment- then WHY do i have to continue to click save, then click into the grade box to enter the SAME score that the rubric is providing!? Please just have it automatically post the rubric score into the grade without my having to click SAVE and click again into the grade box and then click, yet again, to see the next student's work only to have to do it all over again- 180xs for each student. 

SAVE US TIME, please!

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Community Team
Community Team
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If I understand correctly, you want the rubric score to automatically display as the grade for the assignment? This is already a feature available in Canvas. If you want to use the rubric to calculate a grade, be sure you have selected the Use this rubric for assignment grading checkbox when adding a rubric to an assignment.

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I can't seem to make this work on quizzes.  My quiz is worth 21 points, but my standards-based proficiency scale that I added is on a 4 point scale.  I want the rubric score to override the points like it does in other assignments.  Am I doing something wrong?