set permissions so users cannot delete data


admin, permissions, admin account - it would be great to separate many of the permissions that allow users to delete. A deletion should seldom occur in a database environment. This is lost history. They should be able to inactivate items instead.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. Each request for additional granularity in permissions needs to be focused on a specific permission. For example, if you'd like the Course Content - add/edit/delete permission to be separated into three separate permissions, please write an idea specific to that request. Similarly, if you'd like more granularity in how calendars are managed, please write a separate submission directed at Course Calendar - add/edit/delete events. This will allow our community to prioritize each one according to their perceived need.


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Hi Stefanie, thank you for your input. I just think that in database management, no one should be allowed to delete anything. Inactivate it - yes, delete it - no. That was my point.