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toggle unpublished assignments in Syllabus Course Summary view

toggle unpublished assignments in Syllabus Course Summary view

I would like to request a feature for Canvas.
For the Syllabus  - Course Summary view,
- it would be nice if one could toggle on/off whether it shows 'unpublished' assignments.
I have alot of unpublished assignments - and they are creating too much clutter in this view.
But sometimes, I would want to be able to see them - so having a toggle would be good.

Josh T. Beckham, Ph.D.
The University of Texas at Austin
Community Team
Community Team‌, the idea as currently written requests changes to two separate features of Canvas: the Syllabus page (specifically, the Course Summary) and the Calendar. Each of these will need to be considered separately. Would you please edit the idea to remove the second one and then create a separate idea submission for it? How do I create a new feature idea in the Canvas Community? provides guidance on writing singularly-focused ideas.


Community Member

Stephanie - thanks for your guidance. I revised this Idea and then created a new one addressing the Calendar view. 

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for making the requested edits,‌. Both ideas are now open for voting.


Syllabus tool - have course summary tool have an option to only show published assignments.  If an assignment is not published, it should not show up in the course summary.