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Hiding / reveal option on Rubric

When an assignment has a Rubric attached the Rubric is visible to students even if the Availability date of the assignment is set to a future date.

This can cause problems with lecturing staff creating Rubrics for exams where specific feedback options in the Rubric might give advance notice to students of the topics in the blind exam.

I’d like to suggest an enhancement that would be to have a hide / reveal option on a rubric. This would enable staff to attach a rubric to an assignment and chose whether to reveal it to their students in advance or to keep it hidden until after the due date.

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New Member

This sounds like a reasonable request. I think a hide/reveal option for the rubric would cover both use scenarios i.e.

  • where teaching staff actually want their students to have advanced sight of marking criteria to guide students on how they will be assessed
  • where revealing the marking rubric too early would give unwanted clues to the student of the assessed content so the rubric needs to be hidden until the assessment starts