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Add Essay question to existing (student completed quiz) without impacting previous marked attempts

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Hi all

Has anyone added a new essay question to a quiz without impacting the teacher's marking queues and students who have already completed the quiz? I would like to add an additional question and ensure no impact on the teacher's queues and students who have already submitted, and who have already had it marked and am wondering how people have addressed this. 





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@kmeeusen Thanks for your detailed response. In hindsight, I don't think I asked the best question to get the answer to my issue. We only wanted to add the question for future students to attempt, not past and definitely not those students who are already graded. I think part of our headache was because we run an asynchronous environment, either way, we have found the happy medium, where only new students complete it and where those students who have already had their assessments marked do not reappear in the teacher's marking queues. Many thanks again for your reply. 


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @natalie_hamilto 

I am not sure which version of the Canvas Quizzing tool you are using; but for both versions, changes made to a quiz after students have attempted the quiz have no impact on the students scores. It does not change their total score achieved, nor the total score possible for those student who have completed their attempt.

My question is why would you want to do that?

The students who have already completed their attempts would not be able to attempt the extra essay item, unless the quiz were reopened for them for another attempt; and even then, they would need to reattempt the entire quiz just to answer the essay item.

As for the "Teacher's queues", I have no idea what that even is. Are you talking about the teacher's To-Do Lists? To-Do lists entries are triggered by student submissions. If no students submit, no change in lists, and students can't attempt without the teacher setting the quiz to permit the attempt; and then, they would want those lists to display those attempts.

The bottom line is that it is never good practice to change graded content after students have attempted and submitted the graded content, and it is an even worse practice after student attempts have been graded.

Call it a wash, and added the essay item to to the quiz for subsequent students to attempt in future terms.


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