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Adobe Presenter presentations in Canvas

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Does anyone have any experience with integrating Adobe Presenter presentations in Canvas? Do they work? Is there anything unique or special that needs to be done with the AP files or in Canvas? We are having some issues with integrating into Canvas. Attached are screenshots of the issues.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.27.39 AM.pngThis is how the presentation is supposed to look like. This is a screenshot of the presentation in ANGEL.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.28.20 AM.pngThis is how the presentation looks in Canvas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.28.03 AM.pngAnd this is the related file structure of the Adobe Presenter presentation in Canvas.



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I had an unusual experience with non-scorm Captivate HTML presentation. For some reason when I linked to the index.html file like yours in the directory, it tried to locate and open it from within my personal files not the course files directory. What worked is to embed the explicit link in a page and click on it to start the presentation. Not a preference -- but at least it works.


Importing the Presenter with a quiz through SCORM was a great fix/find/innovation! I especially like that it shows up as an Assignment so I can use a custom grading scheme (How do I use grading schemes in my course?​,How do I add a grading scheme to an Assignment?​) and make it something more descriptive to acknowledge that students have watched the lecture/participated in the interaction.

Cheers - Shar!

Here is another option.

In Canvas,

1. Enable meeting@PSU. (Not sure why this works for me but doesn't work for some others in the team)

2. Create a new meeting.

  • a. Click Home,
  • b. Click Content,
  • c. Upload the Adobe Presenter zipped folder, fill in the required info, and get a link to the lecture,

3. Place the link to wherever you want in the course.

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Hi Zachary,

We have some Adobe Presenter projects loaded in our Canvas courses. We use SCORM to upload the projects in Canvas- and once they are uploaded we can choose for it to be a graded or ungraded assignment. Now the grading is based on the Adobe Presenter projects having some sorts of quiz question (i.e. true/false) within the project.


The projects will appear under Assignments-and this is what the students see when they click on the assignment.


I can honestly say that I have never tried to uploaded a Adobe Presenter project (without including a quiz question) to Canvas- and I know this doesn't answer your question directly. But, my suggestion would be to add a quiz question to the project, export it as a SCORM package and then import it to Canvas.

I hope this information helps in some way. Smiley Happy


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And, the Canvas Help told me that html is not a supported file type in Canvas, they suggested me to save file as .pptx file. But that way I will lose some interactions and probably the audio too. I think the worse scenario is to create the lectures avoiding using Adobe Presenter. Any other ideas?

Thank you, Adrian! The unzipping process works fine but same here, the htm file  doesn't work, in Mac either.

Within course settings, by selecting "import content into this course" which is on the right hand side and then selecting the "unzip .zip file into folder" option from the drop down before selecting where you want to save it which is usually new blank folder I've created to unzip the contents in to it.

I then link to the htm file within the folder to launch the presenter file - only it doesn't work in any of the apps

Hi Adrian, and I are having trouble with unzipping the presenter file in Canvas. How exactly did you do that?


I'm having a similar problem with presenter files not displaying at all in either version of the canvas app

I've got the Presenter file to display as it should by unzipping the folder into its own folder within canvas and then pointing to the htm index file to launch, but it won't work in either the android or ios version of the canvas app.

Has anyone any thoughts on a solution?

Thanks Adrian