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Asking question on behalf of an ANGEL superuser re: Groups/Teams, Permissions, and Quiz Settings. Any help or advice is appreciated! Thanks.

I was a heavy user of "teams" in Angel. I teach a merged class of World Campus and UP students, and they had different testing procedures for testing off campus and on campus. Therefore, I had two different sets of documents describing the testing procedures, and two different versions of all the tests -- one for the Pollock testing center for the UP students, and one for off-campus testing for the WC students. I would restrict these different versions of the instructions and tests to only visible to the relevant teams.

Q1) Can I do the same thing in canvas? It is important to me to try to retain the merge of the two sections, because I have the two different populations of students discuss many topics and reply to one another in writing, and the discussions are much richer when they include a mixture of students from a variety of backgrounds -- namely "trads" (UP students) and "non-trads" (WC students).

This particular division of two groups (sections) is simple, because they are automatically assigned to their relevant section when they enroll, and the sum of the two groups makes up the whole roster of the class.

However, here is where it gets tricky...

Another team I used heavily is "late add" students. I allow them to add throughout the semester (even up to the last week!) and I want to allow them to work at their own pace to catch up. I have figured out how to manually create two groups, "late" and "normal", where the sum of the two groups is again the whole roster of the class. However, I want to post some material just for the "late" group, and not the "normal" group.

Q2) How do I view the course as a student from the "late" or "normal" group only? I want to do this because, for example, I have created a discussion assignment that is assigned only to the "late" group.

Q3) Also, can I make that "late" discussion a required assignment for the "late" group only? (If so, I would make it worth 0 points and won’t mess up the grading. Is that koser?)

Q4) Can I make it a required item in the module that the "late" group has to complete in order to complete the module, but the "normal" group does not have to complete, and does not ever see?

Next is another question for my late adds, though it doesn't have to do with the "late" group directly. After each module HW (quiz) due date, I want to switch max attempts from 2 to 1. However, for students making up the class late, is there a way to still give them 2 attempts? Here’s how I did it in Angel:
-> I manually changed the # of allowed submissions from 2 to 1. Note that this did not affect the two submissions that previous users had already submitted, nor did it change the grading scheme for only the higher of the two scores to be counted.
-> For students submitting after the deadline, after I had made this change, I gave them the following instruction: “Please note that after the due date, Canvas will only allow you one attempt at the multiple choice HW, instead of the usual two. If you want the benefit of two attempts, then do not submit your first attempt. Click your answers and then choose "save and continue later", and then email our course TA ( to go and check your saved submission by hand for you. Then the TA will email you back and tell you if you got any wrong, and which ones. Then you can go back in and update your answers as appropriate before actually submitting.”

Q5) Will this work in Canvas? Are we able to go in and see quizzes in progress that have not been submitted yet?
Do students have to do anything in particular to save their submission in progress?

Note: I know that there is an option in Canvas to manually grant individual students an extra attempt(s) at any time. However, I am reluctant to do this because I want to be able to reveal the answer key after the due date so that students can review their assignments for study purposes. For a student making up the assignment late, I don’t want them to see the answer key after the first attempt and be privy to that info before their second attempt. Another idea that occurs to me is to only reveal the answer key after a second attempt, regardless of whether they were on time or late. However, for students who get 100% on the first attempt, or who did not do a second attempt for any reason, they will not get to see the answer key unless they remember to submit a 2nd "junk" attempt before the due date. I don't want to leave the # of allowed attempts at 2 indefinitely, because I don't want any old slacker (who did not late add the class) to be allowed to have a second attempt even after the due date has passed.
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Community Coach
Community Coach,

We are giving the Instructional Designers area a little bit of love and just want to check in with you.  This will also bring this question new attention. 


I apologize for your questions sitting in the community so long without a response.  It looks like you have stumped the Canvas Community.


Were you able to find an answer to your question? I am going to go ahead and mark this question as answered because there hasn't been any more activity in a while so I assume that you have the information that you need. If you still have a question about this or if you have information that you would like to share with the community, by all means, please do come back and leave a comment.  Also, if this question has been answered by one of the previous replies, please feel free to mark that answer as correct.



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