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Automagically download a clicked file on a Page

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Hello fellow designers! Is it at all possible to just link to a file on a Page and have it download automatically? I'm looking for it NOT to load in a preview. (It's an .ics file) Thanks!

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I tried doing this, and it didn't work. This may be because the RCE was just completely revamped a week ago. Does anyone have any guidance on this?


Thanks! This is exactly what I needed. I have very large data file for which preview is useless and often causes Canvas to hand while loading it. I can disable the inline preview using the option in the GUI page editor, but the link to the files still opens a preview page. Your solution bypasses the preview page allowing the large data file to go straight the the browser for saving.


I figured it out! I just removed the bold bit of html code for the link 


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