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Learner II

Can we format YouTube embeds?

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I would dearly love to align YouTube embeds in a Page, as I can do with most other media (Vimeo, <iframe>d anything, images) - e.g. using the "align" attribute. However, my noodling with style attributes on YouTube objects at best only affects the text of the link - never the embedded frame, which is always left-aligned and unwrappable.

Has anyone found ways to make YouTube embeds behave like most others? Should this be a feature request, or is this just a bee in my particular bonnet? 😐

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JEFHQ12951​, thanks! That's the solution I was looking for - should've realized a little <div>'d do ya...

Explorer III

It would seem like you can. With a <div> inline style that encloses the <iframe> Here's a screenshot of my code and the result:



Hope that helps! Smiley Happy

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