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Cidi Labs Question

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We have looked at the Cidi Labs  design tool and like what it does. Does anyone know of any other integrated tools for Canvas that provide similar features as the Cidi Labs tool?  We are required to make sure we are open to all vendors and look at all options before we purchase.  If is the only such tool - that's fine; I just have to know one way or the other.  Thanks!

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Hi Mary,

We've been using Re: Cidi Labs Design Tools since last June to rapidly develop/deploy courses for our K-12 district's SMEs. Would be interested in your experience, and willing to share ours.



.We have thought about those questions too.  Most likely we will offer training on using the Design Tools before we roll it out to anyone. Meanwhile we will develop templates in house. There is a feature coming out soon (summer?) where you can limit features of the tool to certain audiences (roles). That would be handy to just allow the easier features for everyone, and then the more advanced ones to more advanced users. 

After talking to our Cidi labs rep and developer, we feel that the way it integrates via content blocks means that any changes made to Canvas code will be mitigated by Design Tools. So updates to the tool will be made accordingly so that it won't break our sites.  We continue to be very impressed.


Adam, have you purchased this product?  Would you be willing to do a reference call with me to talk about your experience and answer some questions?

Community Member , I am taking a look at CidiLabs and this type of functionality as well.  A couple of questions I have for all of you:

Would you roll this out to all teachers, or just have some folks build templates, and other use those?  I'm asking because while it can do a lot, it seems complicated for every teacher to have to learn and use.  

Second, do you have concerns about it plugging into Canvas through CSS, JS, and APIs, meaning something could break if Canvas changes their code?  


Thanks - we will look into them pronto!


Thanks!  Our purchasing won't allow a sole source letter from the vendor, but at least we know if is a possibility to write one ourselves.

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We are currently looking into Elucidat. Both great options!

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When we looked, we were not able to find any competitors that offered an equivalent service so we worked with Cidi Labs to create a Sole Source Justification letter. Hope this helps!

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