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Countries Where Canvas Operates

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Hi Everyone!

Does anyone have a current list, or can point me to a list, of the countries in which Canvas can operate? I am working with an international partner and just want to make sure their target countries are on the list. 

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Canvas can work in Peru?

Community Team
Community Team, you might also find this conversation instructive, particularly the comment from‌ posted at 9:09 MT on 7/21: 

Community Coach
Community Coach

I think, but am not always right, that Instructure also maintains offices in England, Germany, Brazil and Australia. But, the internet is everywhere and so is Canvas, except in the interdictions that stefaniesanders‌ mentioned. We do have some Community members in China, and they often speak of some of their challenges.

Agent K

stefaniesanders yes - that is helpful! Thanks!‌, Canvas is "fully implemented" everywhere except in the countries listed in the document, and the fact that that list exists is a function of U.S. government-imposed restrictions. If Canvas isn't in fact fully implementable or doesn't function exactly as designed in a particular country--China, say--it is not because of Canvas. Rather, it's because of the restrictions that country chooses to impose on internet access, for political reasons that are independent of us and beyond our control.

Does that help?

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Thanks, stefaniesanders‌! I did see that. But, I was thinking that Canvas wasn't fully implemented in a few countries still like China and others? I know my partners specifically asked about China. I thought I saw it once on the roadmap but didn't know where it had landed. 

Community Team
Community Team, this lesson tackles your question from the opposite direction: