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Disappearing Graphics

I have jpg images which display just fine, then for no apparent reason they disappear, only showing the file name.  Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


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I'm not sure how accurate this is (I haven't seen it posted on Canvas sites), but I was told that with heavy network traffic, Canvas will sometimes load content and dump images. We have seen this happen to us. Sometimes switching a browser works, but not always. Usually (as other people have reported) the images come back after a while. 

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Thank you for the tips‌.  I had this happen to me yesterday when copying a page over to another course.  I exported and tried to load the page.  It looked great and then I hit Save and it was similar images to what‌ posted.  Very frustrating.  I did get them to work through trial and error and reloading.

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Here's some guidance I wrote up for our school about this issue until better, more permanent fixes are found:

Circles of Innovation » Images Not Showing Up in Canvas? Here’s What You Can Do 


Run the Validate Links tool under Settings and it will find any broken images, files, or links in a course: How do I validate links in a course?  

Copy and paste won't work from course to course even if you uploaded the file or image to both courses because it generates a unique ID number for each file.


So far, so good,  Smiley Happy


Has this continued to work?

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Community Advocate,  

Thanks for the information which might come in handy if this continues next year.  I did not have this happen in a while but it has happened and I was not able to give my teachers a reason why that was happening.

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We too have intermittently experienced this issue. I use chrome, and some days the pictures load, and others they don't. I'll post this to support when it occurs again!


Chrome, Firefox and other browsers offer out of the box the ability to view and export underlying network traffic of a specific webpage. To understand this stuff and make sense of it you (or a helpful colleague) have to be quite an experienced techie (Instructure has lots of those :smileygrin:)

Here is an example of what you could see:

See Network Monitor - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN 

This way you can see all the traffic that make up the page.

It is also possible to export this to a HAR file to be analysed in different tools.

This illustrates how that would work:

To analyse a HAR file in full detail you can use this viewer: 

Also take a look at HTTP response status codes - HTTP | MDN.

Note that 304 Not Modified is related to browser cache.

Note that this only works locally on the browser in which the page is loaded, as nobody can access this remotely due to browser security.

Be aware that this HAR file can contain sensitive data such as tokens and possibly privacy related data, so be careful who you send the HAR file (or screenshots of it) to.