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Learner II

Does anyone have experience with Swank Digital Campus for streaming media?

  •  If so, how do you / your faculty/ librarians like it?
  • Does it embed easily in Canvas?
  • Are all the films closed-captioned?


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Learner II

Swank Digital Campus includes closed captioning for approximately 85% of their titles. If one title doesn't have CC then a similar title may. I think academic libraries are moving to these sort of services, Swank being the most popular, because of the need to free up shelving space, provide legal digital access,  a reasonable amount including CC, etc.


Thanks Jennifer. Interesting to hear about the closed captioning. This would not fly in California.

Appreciate the insight! 

Community Member

I have used Swank and like it. It's great when they offer the title you wish to include. In my experience I have not been able to embed within Canvas but rather insert a link to Swank. The two options are either a link to the overall catalog for our institution which can be placed on the page thus allowing students to see all available content and locate/select their media from the catalog. A direct link can also be created from within Swank to the particular media you wish to present.

I do not believe that all items are closed captioned but many are - there is a settings icon included in the video player when subtitles are available.