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Embed Zoom video and transcript into a Canvas page

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I'm looking for html code to embed a lecture recorded to the cloud with Zoom.

The code below gets the video and transcript embedded and working together, but I can't figure out how to get the transcript to scroll within the frame. As it is now, by the time you get to about 1:20, the video and highlighted transcript text are too far away from each other to be on the same screen together. Also, this does not display properly unless the browser window is large enough. If the browser window is too small, the transcript disappears.

<p><iframe style="overflow: hidden;" src="" width="1200" height="10000"></iframe></p>

To see how it the non-embedded version works when played in the Zoom website, here's the url:

Jim Henderson's Zoom Meeting - Zoom 

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We have found that Chrome no longer will display a Conferzoom cloud video using this iframe embed code. It still works in Firefox.  Have others seen this behavior? Opening the link in a separate tab or window still works.

If there isn't a new workaround, we will have to stop embedding using the Cloud recording share link. I hope the collective brilliance of the Canvas Community will give us a solution. Zoom is telling people to put their videos on youtube and to embed that, but it's a lot of extra work to download and then upload, set all the youtube settings...



A better way to "hide" (since it's not really hidden if all someone has to do is resize their screen) is to share the discrete link for the shared screen with speaker view instead of the "main" link (from "Copy Shareable Link). The discrete link shares only that video/audio. The main one shares the Zoom player version, which has the running transcript.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you so so much- my modules will be much easier to navigate!


I'm new to Canvas and this is amazingly helpful! I was having trouble using Panopto, which seems easier to embed in my platform, but I am comfortable with Zoom, and this html code was just the ticket. Thank you Mary!!!


Mary, Thank you so much for this code! It is exactly what I was looking for. I just tried it out and it worked exactly as I had hoped--embedded Zoom video with auto-scroll transcript.

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I cannot take credit for this, but this is the embedded text I use to include transcript and have it flow with your zoom video. No overflow, it's wonderful!

<p><iframe style="overflow: hidden;" src="insert zoom video link here" width="100%" height="500" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" data-mce-fragment="1"></iframe></p>

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I don't use the app (installing now), but the CC button is on the video from Zoom itself, so I would think that would be the same regardless. Here's a screenshot showing my video (with me!) and the Canvas around it.



Hmmm, interesting. I don't even see a cc button in the app. Do you see that option?


Hi - 

I didn't have the transcript showing separately, but you can click on CC and see the transcript as captions. I also provided a link to Zoom cloud in case they wanted to see the actual transcript. I'll have to play with that 100% - haven't seen that before! Good luck!