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Embedded 365 Word Document does not show...

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to embed a Microsoft 365 document into a "Page." I have the LTI for OneDive activated and turned on. The only time the document appears is when I have another window open with that window logged into my OneDrive account. If I close the OneDrive window and refresh the page in Canvas the document does not show. I have followed the steps I can find on the Canvas Post/Guides and I have checked the help document on Microsoft 365 sharing. At this point I have no idea what is happening or where to even start... The error that appears says this:

Sorry, something went wrong

Sorry, you don't have access to this page

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

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Explorer III

So far, I've noticed the Canvas user can be logged into office 365 in another tab of the same browser and, while viewing the open embedded document through WordOnline in that tab, the Canvas page in the other tab will show the document embedded.  I've gone through a number of variations/scenarios with multiple browsers and doing things such as copying and pasting a link to the document shared to all into the iframe html originally created, and other extraneous things most of faculty wouldn't be open to doing, to no avail...

Do you think folk in an institution with higher permissions to it's office 365 have the capacity to change a permission to allow embedded content to show outside of their "instance"(?) of office 365?  This backwardness seems to dovetail with the Microsoft mental model.  <joke>Should we just be happy we can use office 365 outside of Internet Explorer? </joke>


I found out the other day that there is an issue with our Schools Sharepoint. I am working with our IT department right now on our settings to figure out what the issues actually is.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Have you seen this blog?  Embedding OneDrive Documents in Canvas

Learner II

I have not played around with embedding the Office 365 document into a page but I have been able to link to an Office 365 document on a page and I just had to make sure the document sharing permissions were changed to “everyone”

This is Microsoft’s site on sharing Office 365 documents.