Embedding Content Using the Public Resources LTI

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This tutorial will go over how to embed videos, lessons and other information, from sources such as YouTube, Quizlet, and Khan Academy into your course from the Public Resources LTI. While you can get an LTI for each of these sources individually, the Public Resources LTI is useful for grouping them in one place.

Start by going to the page you want to embed the information and get into Edit mode.

Now that we are in the Rich Content Editor, click on the "More External Tools" button, indicated by the blue “V”

Note: This only applies if you have several other LTI's in the Rich Text Editor. If not you will see the icon in the toolbar.

Next, in the drop down options that appear, select “Public Resources”

This brings up the options of content to embed which includes: YouTube, Vimeo, SchoolTube, Khan Academy, and Quizlet

Click on what client you would like to embed content from (For this tutorial we will use YouTube as an example.)

Now you are able to search for content that you would like to embed using the search bar

Once you have found the correct content, select the drop down Embed menu

This gives you a few different options for embedding the content

  • Return Link:   Provides a link back to the original site, with a small size video.
  • Embed Small:  Embeds a small video (320px by 240px)
  • Embed Medium:  Embeds a Medium video (640px by 480px)
  • Embed Large:  Embeds a Large video (800px by 600px)

Below is an example of what the Return Link and Embed Small content look like in the Rich Content Editor

Once you have the content where you like in the page click Save

Below is an example of what the Return Link and Small Embed look like after you have saved

Congrats! You have now embedded a YouTube video into your page.

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This is excellent and very helpful! Can I ask if this is the only "right" way to embed YouTube videos into a page? I have embedded YouTube videos simply by cutting and pasting the iframe HTML generated by YouTube itself (using its Share feature). They work just fine on my laptop, but when I try to view my course on my iPad or iPhone, the videos don't appear. I wondered if I might be missing something or doing it in a nonstandard way... Any insight would be so much appreciated.


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stevensons@yosemite.edu​, you can copy/paste the URL from a YouTube video into the Rich Content Editor, then hit the space bar or Enter. The video will automatically be embedded. You can get more information from the How do I link to a YouTube video in the Rich Content Editor?​ document.

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To awilliams‌, a maybe silly, meta-knowledge question: what screen shot widget did you use to create the die-cut, shadowed screen shots in your posting? Thanx!

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I encountered a similar issue with a faculty member I was helping. What we found is that the issue only happened when she embedded the videos using a specific PC. VERY weird. We tried a couple other computers and didn't have the problem at all. I wondered that she might have some extensions in all the browsers on that PC, but it seemed unlikely and I didn't follow through as I got busier. 

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You know ronmarx@mac.com, I honestly don't recall. I think stefaniesanders‌ recommended it but I could be wrong about that. I've moved on to the more efficient (albeit slightly less pretty) Skitch for my screenshot needs now.

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Community Team

Thanks for tagging me, awilliams‌. I don't know if it's what you used, but if it was based on my recommendation, it's most likely SnagIt (Screen Capture and Recording Software | Snagit | TechSmith). It's not free, but is inexpensive and worth every penny. I still use it and still love it.

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Great share thanks Adam.I will be borrowing this.

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


The images in this post have been broken for a long time, also on the repost here: *Embedding Content Using the Public Resources LTI.  The original post was on some university site that I can't find now.  Probably it was copied and pasted here and now the hotlinked images are gone.

I point people to this resource instead now for embedding Youtube videos in Canvas:

How do I embed iFrame videos using the Rich Content Editor? 

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And check out the Canvas course resource on embedding that snufer‌ built for InstructureCon this summer!

The anatomy of embed code: Embedding Content in Canvas 

There's also more at Sean's post here:


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Community Advocate

The irony.  I'm actually right now creating a content page for a faculty resource center on how to embed content.  Maybe I'll upload it to commons when I'm finished with it.

One trick I tell our faculty is to just grab embed code from YouTube and replace their video URL with your own (e.g. prezi, polleverywhere, etc.).