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Finding Speedgrader in the New Gradebook

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Would it be possible to add a link to Speedgrader in the three vertical dots that appear in every column header? This is where faculty are used to clicking to jump to Speedgrader.

I know you can get to Speedgrader from within a grade cell but faculty may inadvertently think they are only going to see Speedgrader for that one student.

Thanks, Christine Dereberry

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi cldereberry,

I am not aware of an easy way you could achieve this, it is really something that would need to be added in the core code. I would therefore recommend going down the path Stefanie mentioned which is to log this as a feature idea in Canvas Studio.

You can then champion with other users in the community to drum up support for the idea.

Hope that helps!


Community Team
Community Team

Hi, cldereberry, I've shared this with the group to see if a programming expert can help you deploy this in your Canvas instance. If you're interested in seeing Canvas develop this UI change in the New Gradebook, please submit it as a feature idea to after reviewing