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Guidelines for accessibility when showing messages for network protocols

I am currently redoing material for a course in Internetworking and I am interested in making the material as accessible to students as possible (for example some students will look at the images and some might be using ReadSpeaker via the LTI interface). Does anyone have any guidelines for how to show the format of messages? Previously, I have (1) drawn them as figures and includes them as images or (2) drawn them as tables in PowerPoint or even earlier in FrameMaker. Currently, I have tried to include them as tables in HTML; however, I find that some simple things, such as drawing bitfields are very hard (unless I make 32 columns each 3% wide and then do a lot of colspan and set widths). For example, a DNS message:







Number of Questions

Number of Answers

Number of authority

Number of Additional

Question section

Answer section

  Additional Information section

Are there more accessible solutions?

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