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IDs, what department do you work for?

Just curious about where instructional designers fit, structurally, in their organizations. I'm an ID and I work in the Center for Teaching and Learning, which is a division under Academic Affairs. I have met other IDs who work for their campus IT departments. While a lot of my work is somewhat technical, my organization thinks that IDs should be under Academic Affairs, not IT. Wondering where others find themselves at their organizations?

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I'm in the continuing education division at my institution, but as Instructional Designers we fall under a department called Academic Excellence along with video team, instructional coaching, and learning technologies. We used to only be online learning, but recently starting preparing course shells for classroom-based courses. We are definitely not under the same umbrella as IT.

Cheers - Shar

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At Cuyamaca College, I am in the Learning and Technology Resources division which is under Instruction.


Kyle, at Baker College we fit in the same place as you do!


At Saint Francis University we also have a Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning under Academic Affairs. 

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We are our own department, the Faculty Resource Center.  We work will IT, Curriculum, DSPS and Faculty, but we remain on our own.


At my institution St. Johns River State College, Distance Learning falls under Academic Affairs but works jointly with Information Technology.

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At FIU, we have a unique situation. Most of our web-assisted or F2F classes are supported by a department that is within the IT umbrella. However, FIU Online (a department dedicated to fully online classes/distance learning/online programs) is a department that is currently under the Academic Affairs umbrella. This split of responsibilities sprouted from how our online program was originally founded and funded.

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At my university, we not really Academic Affairs or IT. But if I had to choose one, I would say that we fall more under Academic Affairs. Our department is name the Center for Education and Information Resources. We handle alot of technical issues as well.

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At Utah Valley University we are under Academic Affairs. We try to communicate and coordinate with IT as well.