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Images not showing in Student View

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I know this topic has been addressed many times before. I have googled, read the form and more but nothing is solving my problem.

I am responsible for administering and creating a lot of small courses. This means I frequently copy modules or whole courses into existing courses.  My current issue, is that the icons I used to design my pages are showing up in the instructor view and not the student view. The icon files are all available in the course files for the course in question. I both copied the folder with all the icons into the new course and re-uploaded the same files from my computer to the specific courses facing this issue. This problem occurs both with Safari and Chrome.  

The icons are all over the course, and to replace and re-upload every icon is not feasible, nor is it a practical solution for future courses.  This is extremely frustrating and and if anyone has a realistic solution, I would be extremely grateful.

This is what it looks like (pictures taken in the Chrome browser):

Teacher View:

Teacher ViewTeacher View

Student View:

Student viewStudent view


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@SA-2021 It's interesting that you point out that the image links are pointing back to the original course. For as long as I can remember since we moved to Canvas, I have periodically run into issues with images or other files pointing back to a previous semester. As you pointed out, it is extremely difficult for faculty and designers to spot these errors because we are generally in both courses and so they work for us. The interesting part is that I have been told repeatedly that this doesn't happen and that when Canvas courses are imported, all the links are updated. Hmmmm.


I found a solution thanks to this

I downloaded all of the Canvas style icons then uploaded them to use to a free, public Flickr account and embed them into the Canvas pages.  It works perfectly. Just in case, I have problems with Flickr down the line, I created the page dividers/lines using Html code.  Any images that I wish to only show up on Canvas, I put into a program called Genially and then embed the Genially presentation back into Canvas.  

The general consensus on the internet is that the Canvas file system sucks and is best avoided. My Canvas courses look fantastic and they are 99% built on other website and Canvas is simply serving as a hosting hub.  I do really like Canvas but they are severely lacking in the page building department.

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Thanks for writing, its good to hear someone else is in the same boat! I have continued to scour the internet and I think I know why it is happening. Even though I was careful to copy the course files when I duplicated the courses, the links on Canvas are going back to the original course.  Because I have access to the original course, the pictures show up in the teacher view. Since the students don't have access to the original course, the images appear broken to them. As recently as 2019, there were two ways to embed images into a Canvas page. Doing it one way would create the problem I am experiencing and doing it the other way would allow the courses to be copied and the links reset to direct to the files in the new course; the way it should really do by default. 

Knowing why has provided a solution to some aspects of the problem.  For me, the biggest issue is the dividers, icons and other decorative aspects of my pages. I can re-create dividers through HTML code. They don't look quite as nice but they will show up.  Emojis are replacing icons when possible. Full scale images, I am hosting in other places (like Google Drive and Flickr) and embedding them in Canvas.  I would still like a solution though because these work arounds do not allow for the pages to look visually the way I would like.


@SA-2021 I've had the same issue for several months, but for me, the students results are piecemeal... some students can see the images, some can't. I've tried numerous other solutions offered in the forums and asked students for screenshots (and context clues: browser, device, version of browser, etc.,) until students finally just say "it's fine, I don't care about the pictures". However, no student should have to deal with just file names popping up all over instead of the beautiful courses we put hard work into designing for them. I'm sorry I don't have a solution, but I offer solidarity. (And, of course, am following this thread for any hope of a solution.)