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Infographics 101

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I spent my morning learning about infographics from the person behind Cool Infographics, a site that shares infographics the site creator finds interesting or useful. I am new to the world of infographic creation, but have been experimenting with them for our internal monthly reports on Canvas Training and Outreach. Today's workshop covered best practices, tools (free and paid), and tons of examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some of these will embed well into Canvas, and unfortunately some won't. We love ThingLink here but haven't had good luck with it working well with Canvas. Fortunately there are a *ton* of resources on this list. Definitely check them out.

TXDIR-Workshop - Cool Infographics

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Hey Lea,

Thank you for sharing this information on infographics! I had to make one for my graduate course and it can be challenging to build one from scratch. I used a similar site as Canva. They are so helpful. Great topic to mention here.


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Oh good. It's my first blog post, and I really hoped people would find it useful. I use Canva all the time and recommend it to faculty who want to add images to their course homepage (usually after seeing an example of someone else's) but have no idea how to do it. It's so great for our social media efforts too as it always makes the post images properly formatted.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi lse224​,

Thanks for sharing this great resource, it will come in handy! I'm surprised you're having trouble with ThingLink, it's worked well for me. There are some items that use it in Canvas Commons as well. Maybe it's something specific to your instance?

Thanks again!


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This is good to know. Maybe it's our CSS. I'll check with my colleagues.

 @noah ​