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Instructional Designer rights

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Where can I find a list of what features/items the role of Instructional Designer has in Canvas in terms of administration?


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Community Team
Community Team, I see that you have posted essentially the same question at Instructional Designer role . In order to avoid duplication of effort and to keep comments unified in a single spot, I am locking this question for additional participation, and have explained why in the linked discussion.

Community Team
Community Team​, Canvas does not actually have a baked-in role called "Instructional Designer"--so if you are seeing that role at your school, it's a custom role that your Canvas Admins created, and you will need to reach out to them to find out what permissions have been enabled for that role.

If you're referring to the "Designer" role--which is a standard Canvas role--I can refer you to these resources for additional information: How do I set permissions for a course-level role in an account? and Canvas Permissions PDF​. Even so, your Canvas Admins may well have changed the permissions that originally came with the role--so again, your best bet is to check with them.

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