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Instructional designers at InstructureCon

Heading to InstructureCon 2017 for the first time this year. I'm from Sydney, and hoping to meet up with Instructional Designers from all over. Is there usually a group meetup?

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Thanks,‌, so much for organizing this event, and‌ for suggesting it!


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I'll be there too!

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I'll be there!

I'll be there!

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Give a signal if you are rendezvousing for Operation Meet & Greet with other #CovertIDs at #InstCon


Operation Meet & Greet 
Interrogate as many unique assets as you can to earn your Clearance Level Beta badge or Level 10 CovertID status. Code-breaking may be involved. Special #CovertID swag for certain. 

Who: Instructional Designers

What: Networking event

When: Wednesday, July 26  7:45-8:45am

Where: Decatur Field Breakfast area

Why: #CovertID

How: Sponsored by iDesign   Dartmouth College

ID Meetup Graphic



I would certainly be interested in attending such a meetup, because I will likely be hiring such a position in the coming months. I have a pile of questions........   

Instructional design operatives: watch #CovertID channel and Instructional designer meet-up #CovertID  for #InstCon meetup intel

#CovertID Logo

(((This may or may not be available on a decal at the meet-up...details to follow)))