Integrating Pearson MyLabs

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I posted a couple of questions regarding grading MyLab content in Canvas the other day to a thread called What are your experiences with Pearson MyLab LTI?:

Can I change the points to 0 points after the grade sync, so that the assignment is extra credit?

Do anyone have any tips for making the MyLab assignments extra credit without using weighted grading?

I didn't wait for a response to before seeking advice from our Pearson contact, who shared some useful information that I wanted to share with any one who might be interested:

"Canvas has not been equipped to read gradebook schematics from MyLab. It only imports raw points. In the past, point values could not be manipulated when integrating to the Canvas gradebook. It was purely the value of the number of questions. 

And, what I've seen is that changing the point value for integrated publisher assignments won't hold... Canvas could have made updates this summer & there may be improvements that I'm not yet aware of. 

The only way to manipulate value in the Canvas gradebook that I'm aware of is through the weights."

As suspected, it looks like we'll have to use weighted grading. As the term progresses, I'll update this post with new information as we discover it.