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Is there a way to bulk edit announcement release dates?

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I'd like to post-date all the announcements in a course to 2019 and then change the date to 2018 as needed (not sure when the announcements will actually run). Is there a way to bulk edit the announcements and move them all forward a year, or do I have to do them one at a time?

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Can this not be marked as resolved or can the document instructions be pasted directly in this forum? It is no longer accessible.

That document is owned by a member, so you will need to request access directly from him (fill out the field in the Access Denied | You Need Access screen).


The bulk announcement date editor file in Google docs is denying access.  Is it possible that someone could share this file with me, or grant access to it?

Community Coach
Community Coach, there isn't a built in solution, but you can use this free hack to bulk edit all of your announcement dates in one place - Bulk Announcement Date Editor (Google doc).

Hope this helps! 

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