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Likert Quiz with points

I am creating a Likert quiz in Canvas with multiple drop-down menus. My question: I need to associate points with the drop-down menus choices. For example: Yes would equate to 3 points, Maybe would equate to 2 points and No would equate to 0. Can anyone provide a method to accomplish this? If not possible within a Likert quiz is there another method?

I am in need of this quickly so any and all input would be appreciated.

Thank you!!


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I don't think there's currently a way to do partial credit like this. 

What if you turned it into a Survey and then made it a Multiple Answer where you have 3 questions/statements ('Yes, we should continue with these candidate' 'Maybe we should continue...' 'No, we should not continue...') and then the possible answers would be the candidate names.