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Looking for QM Certified Course

Hello Everyone! 

I am looking for a Canvas Course that has passed QM Certification and was hoping someone might have one they would be willing to share with me. We are working on launching a new program for a RN to BSN degree and I would like to be able to show faculty a Canvas Course that is certified by Quality Matters. I've searched the commons, but there are none tagged that way so I'm just downloading and exploring courses - which is taking quite a bit of time. It doesn't need to be a nursing course, I just want to showcase the QM Standards. 

Thanks in advance! 


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Melissa, I'm new to Canvas, but have had one of my courses certified by QM on our former LMS. I know that doesn't translate, but, as the Instructional Technologist for our campus, I used that certification as a guide for building a course template in that LMS, a process I am working on to build in Canvas, either as a blueprint or master course, for all online classes. Regardless of content, you can meet several of the QM standards with a basic design of a course home page, use of modules with guidelines for what the first page of the module should contain, and certain navigation decisions. I would also suggest looking into the Outcomes tool as a way to track alignment and performance of students in a course.

I hope you have luck finding a QM course shell Smiley Happy