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Making Arc Work with 3C Media Solutions

Adventurer III
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California's community colleges are fortunate to have supporting programs like 3C Media Solutions, which among other things hosts and streams videos for our faculty. The service has a connection the Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant, which means that getting instructional videos captioned is as easy as filling in an online form linked from videos we have uploaded to 3C Media Solutions.

For those of us who also have access to Arc, this presents a challenge. On one hand, the time-stamped comments and viewer insights make Arc a no-brainer for making effective use of instructional video. The ability to answer my students' questions in situ is a big step on the road toward instruction perfection. On the other hand, the workload involved in captioning videos is a disincentive to using them and finding an easy way to take care of that is a great boon. 

The embedded video demonstrates a workaround that uses both systems:

  1. Upload the video to 3C Media Solutions and Arc
  2. Request captioning at 3C Media Solutions
  3. Download the caption file from 3C Media Solutions and upload it on the Canvas page with the Arc video

Hopefully we'll be able to and this workaround will no longer be needed.