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Microsoft Teams

Does this UX/UI look familiar? Canvas? Nope. It's Microsoft Teams which launches today. (A #slack competitor)


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How do I add on my Free for teacher account? I asked during the youtube video today and said it was available but never went over how to add.


Great news that the integration is here!

Has anybody got this set up and working yet?

I would love to hear about some of the experiences people are having.


  • Have teachers been able to adapt well? Using the RCE to book meetings?
  • Have students able to use access the meetings easily? 
    We're a K-12 school so this is something we have to consider.
  • Has the integration been reliable?
    Integrations are great when they work well. I would love to hear that staff and students invited to Teams meetings are getting to those meetings easily.
  • Also I'd love to hear how any early adopters have gone with loading? 
    Given the current climate, with COVID-19 forcing everyone into isolation, online meetings are going to be very popular.
    Have institutions using the TEAMS integration been able to use them on a large scale? (Lots of meetings at the same time).
    Does this have an affect on the performance?

Thanks again everyone!


Learner II

This looks promising. 

Does anyone know how this deals with FERPA?

What happens to student data? does Microsoft own/sell/or do something else with it?

Can teachers trust student data is kept in a manner that is FERPA compliant?

Thanks in advance for any insights.


I have integrated this as well for our district, thanks for sharing!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello, everyone, we've now implemented a Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI for Canvas. You'll find instructions for setting it up in .

It would be great if there were a Canvas integration for Microsoft Teams.  Since Skype for Business Online will be retired and support ends on 07/31/2021 our institution is already considering moving over to Microsoft Teams.

While there is Skype for Business Server 2019 (mainstream support ends 01/09/2024; extended support ends 10/14/2025), I doubt Microsoft will create newer versions of Skype for Business Server as they are encouraging migration to Microsoft Teams.

As Emmanuel Devos posted, please add more up votes for Microsoft Teams LTI Canvas integration:

Taylor, can you provide more details on how you have Teams integrated into Canvas? Thank you!

 @taylor_william1 ‌ I would also love to hear about any integration you have between Microsoft Teams and Canvas. I wasn't aware that this existed yet.

We would definitely love to hear more about your Teams integration in Canvas or vice-versa,  @taylor_william1 ‌!