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Surveyor II

Move Announcements on Homepage


Is it possible, or, more, how does one, move the announcements on the homepage.

I know how to add the announcements to the homepage (not asking that). 

What I would like to do is move the announcements to below the banner, or someplace else on the homepage. Is this possible? 

We work with 5th and 6th graders, so I'm trying to create an experience for them where they will arrive at the homepage of a course, and it will present with the class banner, and teacher information at the top of the homepage. Then, I would like to have the course announcements (which, currently, can be added to the top of the homepage) below this information.

Any help is welcome!

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For some reason, this process didn't work for me in Firefox. I kept getting errors and blank pages.

My workaround this workaround was:

  1. Register for FeedGrabbr and click the 'RSS' widget.
  2. Go to Canvas > Announcements > External Feeds and right-click + copy the RSS Feeds link.
  3. Paste that into the FeedGrabbr RSS widget URL box.
  4. Format the widget.
  5. Select 'Get embed code' at the top and choose 'IFrame' rather than 'Standard' in the Embed Code box. It may direct you to make some changes to your formatting.
  6. In Canvas, open editing and click the cloud icon (Embed) in the toolbar. (Alternatively, you can click the 'switch to HTML' toggle under the editing box as I did.)
  7. Paste the widget embed code.

I hope this helps anyone else having trouble.

Surveyor II

Correct! 🙂

Ok - so the answer is = no, Canvas can't do this, but there is a work around.

Thank you!!!



Surveyor II

Yes! While this functionality is not available within Canvas settings/tools, you can set up a widget using the RSS Feed URL available in Announcements and embed the widget anywhere on the page. To do this:

  1. Create an account in FeedGrabbr. (You can create a free account and create one widget to give it a try -- additional widgets will require an upgraded account. There are other widget creators as well . . . this is just the one that I've used.)
  2. Go to your Canvas course and click on Announcements > External Feeds > RSS Feed > then copy the URL from the browser bar.  
  3. In FeedGrabby, select your widget template and paste the RSS Feed URL into the Content section. Then you can set the size and style of your widget. (You may want to play around with this a little bit so that the widget displays your announcements well.)
  4. When you are finished with the widget design, select "Get embed code" and copy the IFrame code.
  5. Return to your Canvas site and edit the page where you'd like to add the announcement feed.
  6. Place your cursor where you'd like to add the widget, click on the Insert/Edit Media icon, select the Embed tab, and paste in the embed code from FeedGrabbr. Click OK.
  7. After you save the page, you should be good to go! The widget will update with your latest announcements.
Adventurer III

There is no way to move the placement of the announcements. Sorry!